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The tiny capacitors KEMET produces are used in electrical products manufactured the world over. Lighting companies need capacitors to brighten the world; medical companies use them for x-ray machines and pacemakers; auto companies use them to help lower CO2 emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

With capacitors in high demand, KEMET moves at a fast pace. It must maintain a robust technology infrastructure to manage supply chain information between itself, its customers, partners and employees. In 2010, after several years of deferred in-house investment, KEMET decided to bring its disaster recovery data center back in-house and make the infrastructure ready for a consolidation effort encompassing its 27 other global data centers.

KEMET needed an infrastructure that could manage the fluctuations of its business, which is heavily affected by the market. Economic highs and lows have a dramatic effect on KEMET's business demand. Therefore, all of its critical business systems had to be dynamically scalable. KEMET was also looking to achieve enhanced system performance, availability, recoverability, ease of management and lower cost of operations.

KEMET asked Forsythe and account manager Rob Newman III, with whom they had a long standing relationship, to help them through this massive technology upgrade.

"KEMET was a great candidate for converged technologies," says Newman. "They haven't historically siloed their network, server, storage and security management, so they had fewer challenges to overcome than many organizations. They already understood the key intersection points in what would normally be discrete silos. The data center infrastructure refresh project was successful because the KEMET IT team worked closely across the server, storage, network, and backup groups."

The Forsythe team analyzed KEMET's overall infrastructure needs, which included robust inhouse disaster recovery capabilities and flexible, standardized technology for all its data centers. Forsythe architected, procured and built KEMET's new converged, virtualized network, server and storage environment. Forsythe also took over full project management of the technology refresh, including working with all the manufacturers to ensure that infrastructure interdependencies were proactively addressed. To accomplish this, Forsythe team members were on-site several days each week and led frequent status calls with KEMET and the manufacturers.

KEMET has subsequently contracted with Forsythe to procure and manage the implementation of a unified communications and collaboration technology project built on the infrastructure originally stood up for the data center infrastructure refresh project. To date, Forsythe has designed and deployed the core call processing and voicemail infrastructure for 500 phones in nine locations, with 3,000 phones yet to be deployed across another 35 global locations.

KEMET has an updated, resilient, scalable, highly available converged data center and communications infrastructure. The majority of the technology is virtualized and automated for ease of management. Floor space has been reduced by half, lowering facility costs, including power and cooling. Bringing its disaster recovery capabilities back in-house will save KEMET enough money in three years to pay for the entire data center upgrade.

With the new, simplified, standardized systems, KEMET's IT staff has more free time to work on planning and strategy, instead of troubleshooting. Forsythe is now rolling out the reference architecture it developed to the rest of its data centers. KEMET already has driven collaboration across the organization using its new unified communications and collaboration technologies.

As Newman explains, "KEMET always has a number of high priority projects going on. They are also incredibly hands on and have a very strong, knowledgeable technical team."
"Forsythe has invaluable knowledge across the tech market. We rely on them to advise us on which solutions are proven and viable for us. Forsythe is a trusted advisor and strategic business partner to KEMET."